Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly Chord Sheet

A guitar song I had to learn for a jam session. It’s got 2 vids (The real song and the lesson I used to learn from), the chords (Done by me) and the lyrics. It helped me learn to play the song so may be of interest to guitarists.

Learn To Fly


Very nice. One suggestions - you should consider making the images as vector (svg) graphics. They’ll be sharp and clear at all screen resolutions and zoom levels. Those images would be ideal as svg.


Thanks @printninja I really only made it for myself to learn the song. If I expand it with more songs I’ll use svg images in future. :ok_hand:


Where can we see the video from your jam session

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@kuligaposten No video. Lucky you :rofl: If you can guess what one I am you can have detective of the week award. :laughing:


You’re the guy who took the picture, lol.

The one in the black shirt.

Haha. You got it right. The Pink Floyd t shirt gies it away.

ha ha ha, on your profile here it says guitarist, i only saw one guitar.
And if I’m not wrong, it’s an old model, one of the first, and very beautiful.

I’m deathcore guitarist so it’s totally not my vibe, but guitar is guitar, right :smiley: ?

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It is a nice guitar and plays great but alas it’s an Epiphone copy of the Gibson Black Beauty. :laughing:

Deathcore! Oh my word. Way to heavy and satanic sounding for me. Lol. But hey…whatever floats your boat.

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