Form elements do not have associated labels - Lighthouse audit

Hey - first post here. Be kind and all that =)

I have been trying to fix some structural and performance issues on my project and I am stuck at form labels. Guess I've been staring at the problem too long and I need a nudge in the right direction.

I have used the Contact Form Clean. Set it as a smart, set name and placeholder - fixed tooltips and some minor styling changes. Running my project through (Chrome) Lighthouse I get the feedback that my "Form elements do not have associated label" And the Name input, email input as well the text input are "failing elements".

So I have tried switching around the attributes but so far none of the combinations I've tried so far has actually addressed this. It's not a big issue for the project as such - but my OCD kicks in and I'm having trouble falling asleep at nights - well not really ;) but would like to "fix" it.

What obvious thing am I missing here?

You can run this Contact Form Clean through (Chrome) Lighthouse and have a look at the source code

Tack =)

guess I¨ll have to wipe the one I have and start over to rule out any fakkups along the way I must have done then.

cheers !

OK - figured it out now.

For the clean contact form I had to drop a Field Label and on each label make sure to mention each fields ID# with for

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Varsågod ;)