Form properties: novalidate required

Exporting a form converts required to required="" This conversion should not happen. Also, please remove novalidate or novalidate=“novalidate” as default form property. This gives us some level of protection from auto spam bots bruteforcing the form.

I also recommend a consistent label tag… sometimes it generates with for= field and sometimes without, for form input fields.

Thank you for the report! We need a bit more information:

  1. required and required="" should be functionally identical. Does it cause issues for you?
  2. We don’t set novalidate on forms by default. It’s possible that there are templates that do have the attribute though. Where have you seen it?
  3. Labels don’t generate for attributes automatically (the app can’t know which input you wish to associate with a label). Some components and templates have it manually configured by us for convenience.