Form sending announcement customization

Hello. Is there any option to customize that?

Have you done a search on it here? I’m pretty sure it’s been covered multiple times and unfortunately, most of the users here don’t use the BSS forms setup, we have our own purchased form builders usually. Try giving a search and see on “customize form” which listed quite a few when I just typed it in there. I’m sure your answer will be there (most likely a big “no”).

IIRC correctly from reading older posts, that message is generated by a script on the BSS mail server, so there’s no way to change it. I don’t use BSS built in form service, but do think it would be nice if the devs at least provided an option to allow the user to choose whether to display their stock message on submission, or redirect to a URL of the user’s choosing. This would not be very hard to implement, and it’s a fairly universal feature among all companies that provide form services.