Form validation?

Howdy. I'm needing to implement form validation on my forms that I created with bootstrapstudio. I stumbled across, but its not free. I wish they offered a free version so I can test it out before I purchase.

I noticed bootstrapstudio has built in form validation that I can trigger "required" on or off, set the max and min chars and a pattern, but It seems to lack other functionality like compare(passwords). However, I am new to development so I most likely over looked other functionality that the IDE has to offer.

Anyways, does anyone know of a free validation framework that is simple to use and fancy looking?

I ended up purchasing the module and it seems to work as expected and their documentation seems to be rather straightforward and up to date. It took me a bit to figure out what I needed to include. I imported the validate .js files not knowing that bootstrap-studio didn't actually keep the files during the export process. From my understanding it combines all the imported .js files into one file I think called script...js. I'm not sure in what step caused the validate plugin to throw some errors. I then removed the validate script files from the bootstrap-studio java-script design panel and manually edited the file to insert my own script tags.

Basically, I figured all this out and everything seems to work as expected; however I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why all this worked after I manually edited my html files with script tags.

Could it be the order that I imported the js files in?

Yes it could definitely be the order of the JS files. When you import them it does not put them in any particular order on the page and the list you see is just an alphabetical list in the Design panel, that doesn't represent the actual order of the files. You need to right click over the Javascript title of the section and choose the option to Order the files manually.

Other than that, I'm not sure what you're talking about with BSS not keeping the files after export, and the part about combining the imported files. It doesn't do that for any files at all, and it definitely keeps them. I think maybe you didn't realize that it puts them into the assets>js folder so maybe you just need to adjust your file paths to the correct locations. Try both that and the reordering of the files and see if that helps.

Glad you got it working, but you shouldn't have to go through quite that much hassle to do so. :)

I researched further into my issue... I'm aware of the assets/js folder... I imported a .js file(right-click design panel -> import JS file) into bootstrap-studio from my computer and Exported my project. I looked inside assets/js folder and all I see is one file which is named script.min.js. I looked inside the script.min.js file and recognized code from the imported .js files. Are you sure bootstrap-studio stores the imported files inside of the assets/js folder? Is this an option that I need to enable?

Ok I think I see what it is. Go into your export settings and see if you have the Minify checked. If so, uncheck that and that should fix you up. :)

Ahha I see what is going on also :-) I had to disable an option. Jo, Thanks for the help :-)

You're quite welcome, good luck and have fun with it!