Forms CRUD Generator

Hi, Is there any Form CRUD capabilities or CRUD generator library that has been successfully used within boostrap ? any guide or help on how to do those .

If No, Is there such development plan in the future. It will surely help many in complementing what the B'Studio could offer as in a fantastic UI generator.



May I suggest PHP CRUD Generator for Bootstrap 4 - sold on Codecanyon and for which I am the author?

In short:

Compared to others CRUD applications, PHP CRUD Generator is a pure PHP application and allows you to build the admin panels using an online interface.

The system analyzes the database structure in a smart way and detects tables, field types and properties and all types of relationships.

The interface includes 3 tabs: Build READ list, Build CREATE/UPDATE forms, Build DELETE forms.

In each tab, the user only has to choose his options and preferences and then validate to create his administration panel.

The generated administration interface uses a very clean MVC structure. For each table - a PHP class - 3 forms (PHP Form Builder is included in the package) - a Twig template for rendering the list.

This tool is very powerful and has involved several years of progressive development. Among other core features:

  • Built entirely with Bootstrap 4 + jQuery
  • Authentication module for the admin panel
  • Intelligent field validation
  • User and profile management with advanced management of individual rights
  • Integrated and configurable jQuery plugins: File uploader, Date & Time pickers, TinyMce, ...
  • Visual organization of the navigation bar

The demo is available here:

As for the implementing of it, which the Author didn't answer your question about, you would have to use Custom Code blocks for most everything unless you can build it from scratch by mimicking it in BSS. Keeping in mind that BSS does not render PHP so you wouldn't be able to see any of it in the app to know if you did it correctly if reconstructing it, so Custom Code blocks would probably be the way you'd need to go. Not really a big problem, just letting you know this since using the Custom Code blocks does remove all drag & drop as well as in app Settings features from items within the Custom Code blocks.

@migli: Seriously that was a rude thing to do to promote your app/software/project within someone else's forum. Since it's your very first post here ever, I'll assume you bought the software specifically for that purpose, advertising. You must have pretty good software running to find people posting about specific key words to have caught this one that quickly. Kudos to you for that, but still very rude when you could have just mentioned it with a link and let people go to your own site to see the details.

hmmm, let's see...

Migli bumps an old thread (December 23, 2016 at 2:02 am) that wasn't answered (so he answers the question that nobody else had time for).

Now he's a genius for bumping a thread, and rude on top of it!?

Relax, people relax.


I don't see anything in the TOS that prohibits advertising.

However, because of the PHP and SQL database requirements of your product, I don't believe that your product is a good fit for this forum.

Congratulations on your purchase of Bootstrap Studio and welcome to the forum. It is what it is.

My mistake on the date of the post, I hadn't seen this post and just assumed it was a new one. I apologize for that assumption, but still do not think that the replier needed to go to that detail to advertise their product, and actually bumping and old post makes what they did worse, not better, showing that the ONLY reason they posted was because they found a post referencing their own product. :/

Yes, of course it is self-promotion, which I thought was nevertheless relevant because on the one hand @abr was looking for exactly the type of tool I propose, on the other hand, even if the subject is old it has the merit to be still visited & my answer can eventually interest other visitors I hope it. CRUD / Bootstrap 4 / PHP / MySQL generators are not in the streets.

Finally, I have been buying & using Bootstrap Studio for quite some time, I have worked with several projects and participated in the growth of its script library.

Well then my apologies again. Hopefully you see where I'm coming from on this though. Maybe for future reference you might want to mention that type of thing on a forum so people understand you've been around a while and helped out and such. No assumptions can be made as easily then. :)

I often suggest alternate software solutions to people for whom the program the forum in question supports is not solving their problem. I hope that doesn't upset the BSS devs.