Forms with email -

The following is a bit of html code that I can use as custom code. It collects info and displays button which causes an email to be sent. Is there a way to get Bootstrap Studio form component in it to get a better look? Or is it possible to add the POST and submit button around a standard form in the Studio? I needed to remove the '<' from each line below to get it to post correctly.


form method="POST" action="">

input name="First" placeholder="First Name" type="text">

input name="Last" placeholder="Last Name" type="text">

input name="email" placeholder="Your email" type="email">

textarea name="message" placeholder="Your message"></textarea>

button type="submit">Send</button>



Interested in hearing update from BSS devs - but I'll take a look later to see if this is an attribute hat can Ben manually added.

ok i got this to work, what you need to do is:

1 - Create a form or use one of the rich components in latest releases. 2 - Once you have done this you need to expand/click the html editor option and select code form method=POST 3 - Once selected, click the attribute tab along the bottom of the html editor and you will see ID , class name and a + symbol 4 - Click the + symbol then add the word action in the first smaller box and then in the second enter -<youremailaddress 5 - Click apply to commit the changes 6 - Then hit preview - and it will work and you will get an email.

PHP/JS solution is ultimately better, but this is a good workaround if not clued up on PHP etc

good find.

HI. Thanks for the helping post. Still I need to know if there is a way to customise the "success message" to another lang different than English. Thanks in advance