Forum software does not allow more than 3 posts in a row from same user?

Strange limitation. After three consecutive posts, I tried to post a fourth time on the same topic and the forum would not allow it. It said you can only make 3 consecutive posts, and can’t make another until someone else replies.

I get that this is probably done by default to prevent people from spamming forums, but in some cases, there is a genuine need to be able to post more than three times in a row.

Perhaps this is an option that can be set/changed in Discourse? @martin

Yep, there was an option. Raised it to 5.

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Thanks @martin!!! (The excessive exclamation marks are because the forum won’t allow posts under 20 characters - another strange limitation.)

Yeah I noticed that the other day when I wanted to say just “That Works!” in response to a thread and couldn’t do it.

20 characters, I’ll approach it from the opposite side. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does meaningful conversation generally occur under 20 characters? I think the default threshold is in place for that very reason although it can be set to less. Otherwise discourse forums would be full of posts like:

cool, awesome, thanks, nope, yeah, wrong, ok, . , ! , nah, what, good, yep, smiley, poop, ? , no, yes, +1, imho, eek, d'oh, whatever, etc.

Which is kind of against the forums namesake of yielding proper discourse. I agree there are times when a basic response is adequate. But by offering that fractional ability it would quickly or over time degradate the overall forum experience and effectiveness of context.

I guess.

(This was deliberate)

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