Forum Suggestion(s)

Can we please have an option added to our account profiles that allows us to set things such as toggles for if we want threads we post in to automatically be set to Subscribe? I could swear it did when I first started posting here, but since then it stopped and I would rather it subscribe me automatically. A toggle for a choice would be nice on this so that those that don't want this can turn it off.

Would love to be able to see the last person who posted listed by the thread starter. Then I wouldn't have to always go into the post to see if someone posted after me (when I forget to subscribe to a thread which is a lot lol).

Thank you for the suggestions! We use BuddyPress as our forum system and it is barely usable right now. I will look into setting up some plugins to make the forum better, or migrating to a different system entirely. If somebody has experience with BuddyPress, and can suggest good plugins, you are more than welcome to write in this thread :)

Hmm never heard of BuddyPress, I'll look into it and see what I can find. I've maintained a lot of forums over the years as well as having my own for game servers and such, so I would imagine BuddyPress would be similar. I'll let you know if I find anything significant on it. Thanks!

I have to ask this question, I am curious that with all the dozens of great forum systems out there, you went with one that has been retired and is requesting that people now use bbpress instead now. I would also need to know which forum setup you're actually using to investigate things further as there really aren't any forum settings for BuddyPress, it seems to be just a backbone setup for using other forums in Wordpress? Strange setup really. I'm also curious as to why you would choose forums tied to Wordpress when your website isn't Wordpress? There are a lot better forum systems out there than this one, SMF comes to mind (Simple Machine Forums) which is an extremely powerful and easy to setup system. Just an observational curiosity.

Oops, sorry, the forum is based on bbPress. I mistakenly referred to BuddyPress. We do have a WordPress instance running on this website, which we intend to use for hosting tutorials soon. As bbPress integrates nicely with WordPress, we chose it as it is one less thing to manage.

Ahh ok that makes more sense. Did you install the BuddyPress as well or just the bbPress? I'm setting it up on a test server to see if I can see what's all involved in it. Haven't worked with bbPress, but if it works with Wordpress it can't be too difficult to work out. Thanks!

Other than that... I don't think there's anything you can do about this issue but .... I'm assuming the Freshness label over the right column on the forum list means "the last time someone posted", and it's most of the time not correct, off by days and hours many times. I've had to get used to the idea of just going into each forum to see when the last post was to see if I read it yet or not. Most things I try to subscribe to so I don't miss answers, but I don't always remember to do that lol, and of course that doesn't help for new posts that I haven't seen yet.

I've gone over the settings, and there isn't much control for to many things other than the account system itself which seems to be connected with the account system of WordPress rather than a separate entity, which surprised me since the Forums are a separate plugin. You might want to take a look at SMF Forums (Simple Machine Forums) as they do the CMS website setup as well as the forums all in one system without having to install the extras for the forums, and they are a very powerful system for forums and accounts. I used it for years for a gaming clan I was in (yes this old lady plays games haha). Works pretty slick, easy to manipulate and we even managed to create our own theme setup (I had a bit of help on that though as it was a lot of internal file manipulating and one of the guys in the clan was a programmer with more knowledge on that than I had and have).

Anyways, just reporting the days and hours/minutes differences of Freshness and letting you know I looked it over and you're ... well... stuck with it as it is I'm sure unless you want something more powerful.