Forum time stamps not updating correctly

This is the second post I've created, over the past 2 days, that did not update the time stamp correctly. Usually it posts and says "x seconds ago", which it does on the post itself, but in the Forum category it is not updating, still has the time of the old one there. I've tried 3 browsers and clearing caches etc. but it doesn't update it. Something is seriously wrong in the forums on this and it's important because we have "No other form of read/unread" visual guides. All we can go by is the time stamps to know when the last time we looked at a post was.

I need to add that it also does not update correctly on the Thread itself, only the actual posts are timestamped correctly.

Ok I take it back, it isn't posting the right time on the posts either. The last post I made in here was at approx. midnight, and the one before that about a half hour prior to it. Pretty whacked out as they aren't even close to eachother let alone close to correct.

We updated the forum a few days ago, and it appears that they have changed the way timestamps are calculated. Only when a new thread is created is the Forum timestamp updated. Before this did it update the forum timestamp when a new reply in a thread is written?

Yes, every time a new post was made in a thread it updated the Thread last post time, and the Category's last post time. Now we have no way to know what we've already read without going into every category and sometimes every thread to see. :/

We updated the forum with a fix. The timestamps should update correctly when new replies are written from now on. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Awesome! Thanks for getting that fix Martin, I hate having to go through all the posts to see what's what lol.