Framework From Wireframe?


I'm looking to hire a freelancer on an as need basis to layout frameworks using BSS based upon my UX wireframes. Does anyone have any recommendations where I might look to find individuals with this sort of experience?

Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @RuprectDK

Been using BSS for little more than a month, but programming websites since 1995,


Ruprect, thank you for the offer but I've vastly cut back on the business I do with the EU due to GDPR. The rate I'm willing to pay someone in the EU for equivalent work is significantly less than a freelancer in the US due to the added complexity of the transaction with that law. I'd rather not go down this road with anyone from the EU given the current business climate GDPR has created due to the arbitrary nature of its verbiage and enforcement. I've worked with plenty of companies and individuals in the EU that provide an excellent deliverable so it stinks that the GDPR has made the EU business very difficult.

I'd be interested in taking a look at what you have in mind OSTexo, you can reach me via my website contact page at: Thanks, Jo

I understand @OSTexo :)


Jo, will do. Ideally the deliverable would consist of a clean BSS file based upon the wireframes I provide outlining actions and layout for each break point. You wouldn't have to actually create any copy or content, I will slot that in. It may be that the biggest challenge will be the navigation as it switches from a vertical icon and text layout to a bottom center justified iconic layout on mobile. Default hamburger menus are not the most user friendly way of navigation. There isn't anything on the market currently that makes layout very easy and I do not have time to learn the ins and outs of BSS at the moment. I am able to create simple pages but I see the navigation changes on this design I made up causing me trouble from a technical experience perspective. Perhaps someday I'll get there, thanks.

Sounds good OSTexo, I loo forward to hearing from you and seeing what I can do to help. :)