Free Blog Example

Hi, I am learning Bootstrap at school and created this blog example. Thought I would go ahead and share it in case anyone needs something similar.

enter image description here

You can get the code from here:


This is unrelated to BSS, just spam to get a linkback to your website

My bad, I didn't know Bootstrap examples was unrelated to BSS. Especially considering BSS is packed with them.

Samples are welcome if you can make them with BSS. Yours seem to be completely unrelated. Do you own a copy of bootstrap studio? What's the value of your "free example" for someone who owns BSS?

I have to agree with Marrco - anyone can use the plethora of bootstrap snippet websites and could share code, but what would be great for this community is to share your blog design as BSS page design file or as a bscomp file as will be more suitable to the users to this forum/app ?

Template does look good though.