Free Version

Is There Any Way To Get Bootstrap Studio Free???

Only if devs give you as gift maybe?

i want to get it free....!

It's very cheap as it is .......

i want to get it freeā€¦.!


Everyone wants and expects everything for free now days. Honestly at $25 it basically is, given it's features and what you are getting at that cost. I suggest paying the insignificant fee and help support the developers and the apps advancement. You also then get free updates to the app for one year. With one basic client project will easily pay for the cost, don't be cheap, help the developers and pay for it.

Here here BSS_User, you hit the nail on the head there ?

Please don't give this out free, this is a lot of work you're doing to create this for us and at $25 or even the $50 that's a major steal. A couple of the other apps I used before that couldn't do near as much (were similar in idea, just not in results) were over $100 and one of them close to $200. So please don't slight yourself and offer this free just to appease those poor wretched leeches that want everything handed to them instead of paying like the rest of us do. :/

it's only 25$. please support the developers.

I'm very happy with the $25 I spent on BootStrap Studio.

You can write Bootstrap sites for free, download all the components and download a free, good code editor like Brackets or Sublime. Preview with Chrome browser. That's what I did.

But using BootStrap Studio is a LOT easier!

Yo listen up.

I've been playing on an old car simulator called Live For Speed, this is like a racing game that used to be super popular back in the days. Anyways, there are more people playing the cracked version of the game than the licensed version of the game and I've been giving away like tons of licenses to people who can't afford it themselves. But honestly, $25 isn't that much at all. Point being, can we not have a demo version until its secured for cracking? Just thought I could mention this, cause once someone has a free version that works, they'll NEVER buy it. People who cracked that car game have been playing it for like 7 years.

For future references: Yes, I've owned this game for 9 years (I own 7 licensed accounts)