Freeform canvas

It would be great to have BSS layout work like Sparkle App, The fully freeform canvas ( at times feels more like a graphic app than a web design app, making it very intuitive to visual thinkers.

This would make our lives a great deal easier and still put out standards compliant code.

I don't have a mac, but really?!

One second I was on my phone and everything looked great.

The next second (still on my phone) and I have entered desktop mode at (while still in mobile [not desktop mode]).

I know you were talking about freeform canvas. Perhaps mobirise with all its bugs would be a better fit.

I agree, why can't we have everything for a one-off $60, or free even? Because, unfortunately (so far) that's not how it works.

There are opensource programs that have not fallen by the wayside... very few. Hey, programmers have to eat!

What do you want (expect is a better choice of words) for $60 one-off. I know, I want it too. Is it fair?

I really wish I could see what it is that you are talking about.

We're still waiting on 'custom web fonts'. ;)

First off let me say I am totally against this type of setup. Usually setups like this create messy code with a lot of stuff using inline CSS. I haven't seen what the code looks like, am only going by past experience with this type of designer and/or setup for stretching boxes and areas.

The app isn't set up for the super noob to press a few buttons and have a website. If that's what you want then go use Sparkle. BSS is setup for people that want to build a website faster due to not having to code it all by hand over and over. That's how I see it anyways. Saves me time from having to reinvent the wheel every time I create a site, by allowing us to use the prebuilt components with drag and drop that Bootstrap created for us. Adjusting settings should always be something we do manually so we get what we're after rather than what the software designers decides we want.

I prefer it the way it is now, and the only way I would support something like this is if it was set up very very very clearly so people wouldn't automatically end up with piles of inline code, and code in wrong files (which we already have issues with as it is).

According to Sparkle, their own home page is built with Sparkle, and its code is a mess. Apparently, their own site (aside from the home page) isn't even responsive. The shoemaker with no shoes?