Freezes on picture import [fixed in 5.1.0]

BSS freezes when importing a SVG-picture. Pic trying to import: The "Choose an Image" dialog gets in a never ending waiting mode and no pictures can be selected any more.

Are you trying to import it from the web or have you downloaded it to your computer first? I don't believe you can even import from the web.

I just downloaded that photo in various sizes to my computer and opened a new project and imported it without any issues. What version of the software are you using? Maybe you need to update a little? Don't know for sure, but just letting you know I did it fine on the Mac version. Might be a Windows thing though so hopefully someone else will give it a shot on Windows.

The problem occurs for me as well, with a 9MB .png file. I just upgraded to 5.0.3, and the problem persists. Though 'freezing' is not to right description. I can continue using the application, but I can no longer import. The failing import cannot be killed. See below.

I am importing from my Mac disk (10.14.5). The problem occurs whether or not I ask to have the image optimized. Either way, I see the import dialog: Choose an Image, with OK, Cancel, Import Image buttons at the bottom. This produces pulsating blue dots for a busy signal, but the never stop. When I cancel that dialog, and try again to import, the dialog reappears, but the dots are still active. The to-be-imported image is represented by an empty frame, with its file name at the bottom.

I previously successfully imported six other .png images, including one of size 18MB. That was with both a 4.x version, and now with 5.x

Restarting BS, and again attempting an import still shows the pulsing dots. So the import process seems to persist or is picked up again upon restart. Removing the empty image from the design, and re-adding a fresh one changes nothing: when trying to add the source, the import dialog appears, with the pulsing blue dots.

I successfully imported the equivalent .jpg image, even while the dots are still active. That image appears immediately, even with optimization turned on. However, I am unable to proceed, because all the library images are grayed out, waiting for failing import to complete

How do I kill this old import? Thanks for any help. I'm stuck here.


Addendum: I tried to import the problematic .png into a browser, and the browser complained that the file was defective. It was exported from Photoshop (though other exported .png files worked fine with BS).

While one cannot blame BS for not reading the file properly, it should obviously not misbehave when it encounters one. Maybe more urgently, how do I recover once BS gets confused. Is there a place where it 'remembers' that it was importing a file? I tried removing the file from the file system altogether. No success.

Thanks again for any help, Andreas

I've have had BSS "choke" on bad image files as well. The program doesn't seem to have an "emergency escape" for when it encounters a problematic image. Not even sure how you'd create this as a software programmer, but there should be a dialogue or something that pops up and tells you the file can't be important because it's corrupts or whatever, and let you exit.

@paepcke: One thing for sure is, you should "never" need to import or use a 9MB file, that is horrendous in size and I would expect BSS and many other apps to choke on it unless they were image editing apps. Try optimizing that image big time and that should help on that one.

As for the other, no idea what to tell you there, works on Mac without any issues. I imported that same exact image from the OP.

@mschol We haven't been able to reproduce this with the image you provided, but it does happen with a corrupted image. Does it get imported? Can you see it in the Design Panel?

@paepcke did you try to delete the image from the Design Panel, you should be able to do that and it should fix the "loading" screen in the Images Dialog. We will fix the never-ending "loading" screen in our next release. Meanwhile, if you can't delete the image from your project, could you send us the .bsdesign file, so we can try to fix it?

Gabriela, thanks for getting back to me. Regarding your suggestion:

  1. I can successfully import an (healthy) image via right-click on Pages-->Images I can do so whether or not I have an empty image in the design. And I can do that in the broken project.

  2. I can also drag a thus imported image to an empty column in the design. The image appears.

  3. What I cannot do is place an image, got to Options--->Source URL, and select the plus sign. That will raise the image import dialog, with all previously imported images grayed out, and the busy-dots pulsing. This behavior persists even if I remove the empty image placeholder from the design, and then add a new one. It also persists when I remove the broken file from the file system.

All the above just to help you with the next release. I got to my goal by manually adding a healthy version of my image to the index.html via emacs. I did not know about the workaround of importing via Pages-->Images at the time.

So I'm fine for now, and don't need you to fix the .bdesign. I will keep the project, and use it to try your new release when it comes out.

Regards, and: a wonderful program. It makes me create way more attractive and useful Web pages, even for just temporary uses.


Just wanted to mention that this has been fixed in Bootstrap Studio 5.1.0. Thank you for your help!

Thank you!