Frontend JS frameworks

Hello, didn’t you think about adding Vue/React/Angular support? I know that BSS is program for frontend, so there will be no PHP/Node, but these frameworks are for frontend development, so? Also would be great to add React-Bootstrap, it is just framework which has Bootstrap components right inside React. If you would add support for those frameworks, it would be excellent!

Hi RaidoN - this has been requested a few times but devs don’t appear to want to add support for React. They have previously stated that they want to focus on being front end editor using core bootstrap framework.

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As @hackers_84 wrote, this is almost certainly not going to happen. Search the forums and you’ll see many people have requested other frameworks be added to BSS (both JS and CSS) over the last 3-4 years.

I believe the reason why they don’t do this is clear.

The BSS devs already have to keep the program up to date with the ongoing development of the Bootstrap framework. Aside from this, they promptly address bugs, they regularly incorporate suggestions from the user community on ways to improve the software, and they release frequent updates to that end. I’ve lost track of the number of improvements over the last 5-10 releases… new icon libraries, detachable windows, importing of custom fonts, find and replace, a CSS cleanup tool, selective inclusion of JS and CSS per page… tons of stuff I myself have suggested (which actually blows my mind!) Just look at the release history Bootstrap Studio Releases
and you’ll be boggled by the number of improvements this program has received in the last year alone. They are one of the most responsive and dedicated software development teams I’ve ever come across in my forty years of using computers

So, if they were to add on additional frameworks, that would mean that everytime one of those additional frameworks was updated, than the program would also need to get updated, exponentially increasing their workload, or taking away from the ongoing improvements to the software. Given those
two options, I’d much rather see more/better program features than additional frameworks added.

And this is in no way a criticism of their dedication to BSS, but after five-plus years, they have yet to produce a comprehensive and up-to-date user guide for this software. That’s an indication of how busy they are working on the software itself. (You’ll actually learn more about the most recent features in this program reading the version release notes than the tutorials.)

It’s clear (to me at least) that they are focused 100% on the future of the Bootstrap framework, and making Bootstrap Studio the best Bootstrap website builder it can be. I, for one, am grateful that is their priority.