Ftp failed connection

Hi guys,
I have problems connecting with my hosting platform.
I am sure about the parameters but maybe I am making something wrong.
Let me know if it’s fixable.

Try deleting the trailing slash in your directory

So it becomes /public_html

Do you have SSH access?
As host you enter the IP address to your ftp.server
if you are on a shared hosting the path to the html directory should look something like this
standard port for sftp is: 22 but probably your hosting platform has changed it to some much higher number.

No way.
I deleted the slash and nothing.
I’ve tried to change the path and nothing.
I’ll contact the hoster to see what they say.
Thanks anyway, guys!
Happy bootstraping.

your connecting as FTP
SFTP is different from FTP

I’ve contacted the host.
Thanks anyway.