Full Component Library

I am very new to BSS, loving it so far. I have noticed that there is an online component section where I can download other users components. I was wondering if there is a place where one can view the full library as I can only see the trending and latest.

Much appreciated.

Good luck with that request, we've asked for it multiple times over the past 2 years + and I don't really recall ever getting an answer on it to be honest. It's possible I've forgotten though.

In the meantime, searches do work pretty good, but it still limits us to those components that are picked up by our search of which I'm sure there are many that are not.

The quality of the online components varies considerably. I've found many of them to be unusable, and many of them use custom code, which makes modifying them a pain unless you know how to code.

I personally would still love to have the ability to see them all rather than rely only on searches to find things. Would even be easier for us to help clean it up if there were a forum where we could report bad ones, outdated ones, advertising (as some use it for) and so on.

I've found many good things in those shares, but just as many bad ones. Would be nice to have a way to help keep it clean as well as see the entire list of them.

I would definitely prefer this be something within the app not on some website.

I agree Jo. It would be a valuable addition to the Ap. How about it guys?