Full width drop down menu

Hey all,

I'm trying to recreate a full width dropdown menu like the one in this image https://imgur.com/S5bSg1O

Does anyone know how this could be done with BSS?


Expand the Dropdown > Menu component and add the CSS rule to the Menu component position: static; Then drag a Container into the the Menu component, add a Row in the Container, and add Columns in the Row as desired. Style further with CSS as desired.

You can also try searching the online components for "mega menu" (which is what these kinds of menus are colloquially referred to as.) Not sure what's available as I rarely use online components.

You can also use external components that you find elsewhere and use them as Custom Code (which to be honest is a whole lot easier to update for me lol, I'd rather have all that code at my fingertips than have to edit each item one by one visually). There are a lot of Mega Menus on the internet which shouldn't be too hard to find.

Perfect! Thanks you two! Didn't know they were called mega menus - found a bunch on the online components search bar!