Gallerys and Video


I am really really new to bootstrap and making websites, need someone to really break down what I need to do make put an external gallery on my web page that is made in bootstrap studio.

Below are some of the gallery's I maybe would like to use in my website, instead of the ones already in bootstrap, is this possible and how do I put these type of gallery's in my own bootstrap studio website, I don't know if I have to copy HTML or Java script from the pages below and put them into my bootstrap studio web page and if I do I don't know how to do this, please help I have no idea. - I like this gallery with its on scroll page, how would I use this ? - I like the Lightbox gallery and Lightbox gallery with gutters how would I use these ?

Plus I also want to put a few videos as well, I like the Video With Modals on this website, I would I use this ?

Thank you