Generate XML sitemap

Is it possible to generate a sitemap automatically from the pages inside the bootstrap project? Currently, I am manually creating a sitemap, but is it possible to add this feature to Bootstrap to generate XML sitemap automatically on project export?

Might be a contender for the backlog as this doesn’t exist in the current version of the app.

Great idea

There are a ton of apps you can use to do that, I truly would rather they focus on the more important backlog of requests myself. There are websites you can go to that will create them for you as well. Do a Google search and you'll see lots of options, many free, that will take care of that part.

You missed a point, Jo. Sitemaps are really really important, especially when you need them to add to Google webmasters. As Bootstrap studio presents self as also self-hosting solution now, there should be inbuilt sitemap generator because there is no other way for me to add XML sitemap if I want to publish the site on BootsrapStudio hosting servers.

Speaking about other apps etc, I have tried most of them and they are mostly paid or have limits. But there is also one bigger issue, the online tools and sitemap builders are basically web crawlers, who crawl your site and search for posts/pages to set. In my case, I have a home page and other pages that do not link from the home page, the online tools will not find the posts I have.

Therefore its important for BS to have sitemap generator or even image-sitemap generator as well. So it would add each image src. to the sitemap of each page.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion etc. ;)

sitemaps, like multiple favicons, robots.txt etc can easily be generated externally and uploaded to your hosting provider.

there are many much more important things in the backlog. From multiple monitor support to improvements to HTML and CSS editors etc. It's quite a joke I still have to open a real editor to generate a few lorem ipsum paragraphs to paste inside BSS, but reading the forums you'll certainly find tons of improvement and bug fix suggestions

Can you tell me where you can easily generate sitemaps? Especially for pages that are in BS project?

I think to auto-generate sitemap when exporting project is a simple feature. BS projects itself are json files, so it should be easy for BS to just take page name's and compile in sitemap XML file.

But yes, I understand there are more important features needed.

Here's a couple links to online sitemap generators. I know one of them is better than the other, but I don't recall which as I have an app that I use to create them through A1 Sitemaps app.

With this one, if you're using Windows it has a free app you can download as well:

These are both free with limitations on features, but they do the trick for what you need for SEO without having to bog down Bootstrap Studio. I don't know of any other HTML editors that contain a sitemap generator myself, unless they are something expensive and I don't even know any of those.

If you need a decent sitemap generator, then check out A1 Sitemap tool, it works pretty good and they have a lot of other apps that have lots of other features as well for SEO. I say all this because I really don't want to see this app become bloatware with things that just are not necessary for a site editor when there are many other options out there already. Spend a few bucks and get one that's already set up for that purpose. In my opinion (and yes, it's just mine lol) every app doesn't have to include every possible thing it could be connected to in it. That's why there are software programmers to create specific apps for specific needs.

I get your point, you don't want to have "unnecessary" features, but the same logic can be applied to other features as well. If someone is asking or suggesting some features to be added, just tell them - "buy another tool or service". I don't think we have to choose between one or other feature but have to ask BS team of whether or not my idea is worthwhile. :) I would not consider the option for example in export settings to also generate a sitemap, as some kind of bloatware. And also I am not telling that BS team should stop whatever they are making and building to now just concentrate on my feature request.

Maybe someone else has something to tell?

For what it’s worth I agree with Marky and there is no harm is requesting this regardless of free sites that do site maps.

Sorry for joining this discussion so late, we were busy with the 4.3.7 release. Sitemaps will be added in one of our upcoming 4.3.x versions, together with favicons, progressive web app manifests and other SEO features.

TOP MAN Martin, looking forward to seeing these updated in the coming weeks

Hi! Is the sitemap generated is also published in the BSS hosting? If so how to get the URL?

should be in the root folder.