Generating Unique IDs for Components

I'm pretty new to Studio so apologies, I have searched but to no avail.

I have created my component which is essentially a Row with a Card Header/Body within it that is collapsible, this is all working fine except after adding more than one I have to go and edit the ID references.

For example the collapsible section is called collSect01, as such the references in the Link I use to expand/collapse it need to reference that specific ID. If I add three instances of the same component they all have the same ID, is there a way to a) uniquely generate and ID when adding the component and b) essentially search/replace within the component to make sure the references are correct?

As an example I have something like the code below as my link to expand/collapse, within this "collapseExample0" needs to be the ID of the div that comes later.

<a href="#collapseExample0" data-toggle="collapse" style="  font-size:14px;
"><i id="collapseExample0-chevron" class="fa fa-chevron-circle-down text-success" data-toggle="collapse"></i>Card Section Description Test</a>

ID settings are usually in either the HTML Attributes pane where you can alter them, or they are many times in the Options of the element as well. You may need to use the Overview pane to go through each part of an element separately to look for the ID's, but they are all changeable. Go through one of them and find them all and then you'll know where they are in the others.

Thanks, apologies if I wasn't clear, I have been going through changing them in the way you mention, I was hoping there may be a way to auto-generate them in some manner and inherit them as references - mainly to avoid (if I forget) my hyperlinks collapsing other divs and so on.

No automated system for that so if you've been doing it as I mention, then you're already doing what you can. Only other way would be to make it all Custom Code, but I wouldn't suggest it as that pretty much defeats the purpose of being able to edit things within the BSS settings. You'll get used to that stuff after a while and eventually you won't even notice it. :)

Note: Having said all of the above, there is something you can do that will "help" you to remember where things are. You can add labels to the parts that have the settings that need to be changed. I do that a lot to help me recognize what or where something is on a page. :)

Thanks Jo, saves me looking and hoping at least! I just need to be very diligent about naming the IDs to stop crazy collapsing and expanding once I export! Appreciate the help.