Get rid of Webdesign Help and Reflow forum categories

When the forum was switched to the Discord platform, I suggested having separate categories for different features of the program (like Reflow), and for questions that were not specific to using the software (like creating custom scripts), in order to make the forum more organized.

But nobody uses them.

Virtually every question gets posted in Bootstrap Studio Help, and everyone answers them there rather then suggest the person post in the appropriate category.

Without moderators to move questions pertaining to Reflow into the Reflow category, or questions pertaining to Web Development into the Web Development category, there’s seems to be little reason to have these categories.

I agree about the Webdesign Help category. We can merge Bootstrap Studio Help with Webdesign Help and have a unified Help category. Many users that are just starting can’t tell if their issue is one or the other anyway. The Reflow category is used occasionally so I think it’s better to have it than not.

We’ll wait for a few days for more feedback before merging them. If others have thoughts on this, we would like to hear them.