Git integration

Integrate Git with BSS.

Why? Your thread is vague and doesn’t outline any benefit to why this would be a good idea

Are you familiar with Git?

Yes but still doesn’t change the fact that your idea is vague - so I wouldn’t expect a response from the devs on this one as looks like you didn’t put effort into detailing why you feel this is a good idea

I actually came here to open a topic on Git. I would love to just publish to my repo on GitHub as gh-page immediately and have a link in a matter of minutes. It will enable greater productivity and keep me working in the software more. The fact is the only thing bss is really good for is static pages, which means we are either zipping up our work to sell on market places or putting them on GitHub so other people can see it. With Github Integration setup inside the software. I have one pain point removed and can share my work easily with client or collaborators.

I don't think you are familiar with Git.

I have git integration every time I do an export.

Export > export options > advanced > export script

In the script: cd server-files rm error.log git add -A git commit -m"Bootstrap Studio export by $USER on date +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'" git push origin master


you can do git push origin gh-pages if you want to publish to that, or set up hooks on your repo to copy to gh-pages branch.

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I have git integration every time I do an export.

@Belora thanks for the contribution!

Same that this thread (and many others it seems), so +1000 too

It’s just impossible to use pro if you are not just an independant worker but in team