Git integration

I have been working with Bootstrap Studio for about a couple of months. It's a very nice tool, quite useful but it not very comfortable when working with a versioning system like git. The main issue is that I cannot compare the project between revisions since it is saved in binary format, in the same way I wouldn't be able to merge it in a team environment leading to avoid using the tool at all.

The work around was exporting the project and then checking the changes there but still wont solving the merge problem...

I see two possibilities:

  • Implementing a "git integration" (git, svn, mercurial and so on...) in order to check/merge/compare directly inside bootstrap studio
  • Changing the project file format from binary to something text-oriented (json, txt, xml, yaml).. I am in favor of json

+1 I would prefer to change the file format.

Yes to Git! Granted, I haven't used BSS long enough to know the ins and outs of how difficult it would be to implement. But, yeah, I'd be a user for a long time if I could easily commit and push.

Without full cut & paste of HTML it does complicate things. However, you can publish a site and pull it up in a mobile inspector and do the same for something that you are working on.

You can even have both browser tabs open side-by-side and watch the changes. Granted it's not as nice as having dual screens in BSS, but a workable solution.

+1 git integration allows us to be collaborative and to work on the same project on multiple computers.

I don't know how much this will help, but I would suggest that everyone work on different components at the same time, and someone be in charge of QC and assembling the website.

Yes, I know that this is not git integration. But until/if git is integrated, it might be a temporary solution.

Otherwise, I don't know what you would do to be able to work on a project together at the same time.

So this is just a suggestion - - please don't shoot the messenger... just trying to help.

it is not difficult to make git available for boostrapstudio.

bootstrap studio uses a minified and then compressed json file, so to make it compatible with git, it would be enough not to minified and compress the boostrapstudio file.

It wouldn't be enough imo, it would just seem like it's enough.

Say two people make changes in the proprietary bss design file... if you could merge both changes without collision, that would be one hurdle.

But, is the now altered bss design file format still valid and reloadable by all contributors? This is still an unknown.

The assumption is that it would be and if that is the case, why not simply uncompress the file before versioning (checking it in) to git or some other archiving software.

I have no real interest yet in this area, but it has been said that the compressor's mark is in the bss design file.

This file's format (although not understood) has be unarchived once before in this forum.

The real question is will the devs leave the door open, or has it already been closed?

Today we all work collaboratively and this is a big obstacle in using bss professionally. I sincerely struggle to use this program with my colleagues because it is not collaborative.