Github Push Fails - Export Directory Too Long?

I just set up a GitHub repository for a very simple one-page design created in Bootstrap Studio. I’m new to pushing stuff via Git. I followed this guide:

I created the script and set it up to execute. When I export the site, the pages are created in the directory. But when the git script runs, it fails on line 3 (“cd $1” where “1” is the export directory) with the error:

Thu Jan 26 2023 10:52:47 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

/home/name/Nextcloud Instances/Nextcloud - NAME REDACTED/NAME REDACTED Web Designs/Scripts - Bootstrap Studio/ line 3: cd: too many arguments

If I navigate to the directory in question and execute the commands in the script it works fine. This makes me wonder if there is a bug where Bootstrap Studio might not be passing this long path correctly to the script directory variable. Can someone help me with this?

If could be the spaces in the pathname,

So its breaking it into multiple arguments, something like:

  1. /home/name/Nextcloud
  2. Instances/Nextcloud
  3. _
  4. NAME
  7. Web
  8. Designs/Scripts

You could try creating an export folder on the top level of your drive to export to and see if that makes any difference

Interesting. BS still tells me that the script ended with an error:

Export Script “/home/name/Documents/ExportRepos/” resulted in one or more errors
ea5bf4a…fd73b64 main → main

But I can refresh the page and see that the changes were processed. If there was an error, where would it be logged?