Glyphicons font folder and carousel not functioning

I installed the beginner version of bootstrap and when I downloaded it did not include the fonts folder. Now I am trying to get the left and right chevrons to show in the carousel and they are not there, only two white outline boxes. From doing some research I believe it is because the fonts folder is not installed on my server. Is there anyway to add the font folder without having to reinstall bootstrap, is there a file path that bootstrap looks for? I can't use the CDN version, because it overrides some css I already have in place.

Also the carousel is not advancing, is this problem related or is there something else I am not including?

URL is Thanks in advance!

When you exported your project, all images fonts etc... get dropped into an assets folder. You will need to find that folder and then copy the fonts folder where you need it. Since I see you edited the exported for the location of the bootstrap.css file you will need to make any other changes that for directory path changes.


So on your site, using the Chrome browser I hit the F12 key for the developer tool and in the console I get the following errors.

bootstrap.min.js:6 Uncaught Error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery(anonymous function) @ bootstrap.min.js:6 GET 404 (Not Found) GET 404 (Not Found) GET 404 (Not Found)

I would assume you had used a relatively recent version of the BSS app.

If that is the case. I see difference in your site than what the export function produces. It seems you have moved the bootstrap js script link into the head section when the app puts it in the bottom of the HTML.

It seems you had deleted the jquery js script link as well.

The jquery.min.js script link should be in the bottom of the HTML it should be the first script link call. Then the bootstrap.min.js whether or not you use the CDNs for these.

<script src="/js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

That at least would get the carousel to work.


Thank you for your help Saj. I moved the js script to the bottom of the html and went it to the bootstrap.min.css file and noticed that th font links had "../" at the beginning. Meaning the filepaths had not been adjusted. That fixed the glyphicons. Once again thanks so much!