Google Domains help, with BSS hosting


I had the domain for some time , and decided to buy the BSS because of the free hosting service I saw.
My problem is that I cannot find how to connect my website hosted in BSS with my Google Domain.

I have no problem if my website is not fully set up with the domain.
All i need is the url to not change for example to stay in url all the time.

Transfer your domian to Cloudflare then Read this

Thank you for the help, I was able to connect the domain!
The only thing left to do is trying to connect with " www " in front of the name.

Thanks again

For anyone that they want to make " www" working,

Go to this link

If you add a dns record CNAME www @ Auto Proxied in your Cloudflare dns settings then you don’t need a page rule to redirecting your page because it already point to your site IP