Google Recaptcha

Hi Bootstrap Team,

I am a customer from China, the software is great.
But in China, google is blocked so the smart form is not working well with the following link in script.


I searched for solution, some said, if we can change the into, then it will work in China. Would it be possible to add the option or let me know how I can modify myself.


Unfortunately on Stack Overflow the answers indicate that these workarounds no longer work. This means that we’ll have to use a different captcha service. We’ll look into this but we have a lot of other things to do first, so I can’t commit to when we’ll be able to migrate. In the meantime the only solution is to use a different form handling service.

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+1 that an alternative would be great. You shouldn’t be using it in Europe either with GDPR in place.

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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply and intend to fix this for us. I will wait for the update notice when your team have time to offer us options.
Wish you all good.