Gracias Totales

Hello everyone, today reading the forum as I do from time to time, I realized something, there is a topic that is not very common, the one that starts a conversation to thank the Bootstrap Studio team, yes, this tool It is too good, it is accessible to all pockets, it has very quick feedback from the developers when there are problems or doubts, but above all things it has a soul, the soul of each worker who is behind the development, maintenance and ideas of this tool. . I am here to thank you guys. His work stands out from other similar platforms and tools. In my personal case, I discovered it after a web development diploma that I did, looking for a fast way and that would save me lines to optimize my projects. It is an excellent work tool. But above all it shows that you did it with “love”. Beyond the money. You can see the passion there is, and that is priceless. (In Latin America there was a singer named Gustavo Cerati, he was very famous but he died of a stroke several years ago, at one of his concerts arriving in his native country, when his show ended, he told them "THANK YOU… TOTAL! "The same goes for you. “Gracias totales”. With love Pablo Ojeda from Chile.
#Martin Angelov and all team.


I couldn’t have said it better myself! All I can say is Ditto! :heart_decoration:

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We stated! BSS is rock-solid, “old-school” software. :muscle: It echos the programming era in which I grew up, where software authors took immense pride in their work, and were truly dedicated to the quality of the product and their user’s experience. Martin and his team are atypical in this day and age. They interact directly with their users, and respond to feature requests on a level I’ve rarely seen with any other software. I cannot recommend Bootstrap Studio highly enough. :100: :trophy:

And the user community here in the forum is also a cut above most others I’ve seen. It truly feels like a family here, with everyone contributing their particular expertise (and we even have the occasional family spat :grimacing:)

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Awww thank you guys! We are very happy that you like Bootstrap Studio and use it for your projects :slight_smile: Ever since our first release the community has had a huge part in shaping how the app evolves. You have a big thank you from us as well!


Well said, Pablo Ojeda. Bootstrap Studio is a great tool for people like me that need it occasionally as it is intuitive and I can remember how it works and get the job done quickly. Other programs that I’ve used seem to want the user to see how clever the developers are by giving lots of complications to even simple tasks.
Many thanks to the team at Bootstrap Studio.