Hamburger Menu background

Hello (again).

in here when it comes to mobile (or tablet) hamburger menu i cant put any background. How to do that? Also how can i preview inside studio the hamburger menu?

Thank you

It seems to me only mobile is the actual issue. So you can use this CSS to effectively place the menu items between your navbar section and the picture of the cars. Here is what I recommend, add this CSS.

@media (max-width:425px) {
        margin-top: 55px;

If you want the grey background look to also be extended then add this CSS

.navbar .container{
    background-color: rgb(235,235,235);

In the app to achieve this, expanded the HTML pane by clicking on the tab in the lower left of the BSS app. Click the search icon and type in "navcol-1" hit enter until you reach id="navcol-1". This will highlight the HTML section, select/click that section. Top right of the app is the Options pane just to the left of that is the Media/Device toolbar (icons of phone/table/laptop/desktop screens), click the icon that looks like a phone. Bottom right of the app is the Design pane click to expand the Styles menu and double click your user.css. That should load the user.css into view in the Styles pane. Scroll to the bottom of that and click after the very last thing. That should give you a CSS rule that should contain the "#navcol-1" in it. Click after the "{" and type in "margin-top" hit tab type in "55px" hit tab again. Then at the end of that CSS rule is an icon of three dots stacked. click that and select "Add Media Query". This will add a media query for max-width:768px change it to 425px.

That should get you started.