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Im very new to bootstrap studios and website building in general. I know very little HTML code and almost no CSS code. [Hence the reason for bootstrap studio] :-D

I have my website set up but need to change when the Hamburger icon is deployed. I need it to be enabled when in MD view in the studio. I's also lost on how to link pages to the NAV buttons and the links in the prebuilt "Projects clean"

Thanks in advance.

Your questions are simple settings that are done through the Options panel. You can set the breakpoint at which the Navbar switches to the mobile menu by selecting the Navbar component and going to the options panel and choosing the selection next to the Expanded setting, which is dropdown menu that lets you choose the breakpoint.

Links are set by simply clicking on the nav link in the overview panel and choosing the page or image (or typing in the URL) in the URL options setting that you want the link connected to.

You need to read the tutorials and watch the tutorial videos. Bootstrap Studio is not a drag-and-drop builder for people with no website building experience like Wix or Weebly. You need to understand how CSS works, and you have to spend time reading the tutorials to learn how the various panels and the BSS UI works.

Bootstrap in my opinion is a cross between adobe InDesign and Wix. It has a lot of drag and drop and there sales pitch is that its that simple. I would have to agree that it is very simple and almost a complete drag and drop kind of website builder. On the other hand it is also a little more complex. Bootstrap Studios sales point is that anyone can make a website.

I will watch the videos I didn't know that they had them until today. I listed 2 of the tutorial video descriptions below both of which saw "Drag and Drop Builder"

I agree that their marketing page could use a bit more "truth in advertising."

You can build a website with Bootstrap Studio without any coding knowledge, but it will be LIMITED. You really MUST learn CSS to get the most out of this program, if you want to be able to customize your websites so they look like anything other than boilerplate Bootstrap websites.

You MUST watch the tutorial videos (it helps to build along with them) to get some of the nuances of the program. Unfortunately, there are online courses for BSS. It would probably be a profitable course to create for beginners. I may even making one. There are a lot of features to this program that are not immediately apparent to new users and non-website-savvy people. You can always come to the forums to ask for help, but DO first watch the videos and read the tutorials thoroughly so you have a handle on the answer people give you. You should know your way around the BBS UI so that when people give you help, you know what they mean when they say, "Overview Panel", or "Options Panel", or "Styles Tab."

BSS is nothing like InDesign. InDesign is a page layout program that lets you put anything, anywhere. Bootstrap uses a grid-based layout system based on CSS flexbox (which you should definitely learn, there are many websites with good free flexbox tutorials like flexbox froggy (Google it)). Bootstrap also uses a hierarchy that sort of goes Section > Container > Row > Column(s). Columns contain components like headings, paragraphs, images, etc. Columns can also contain rows, so you can nest things and get some very sophisticated layouts. The responsiveness of Bootstrap is its biggest strength, and becoming familiar with how Column options are set at different breakpoints is a big part of mastering layout in Bootstrap. Also, responsive display is a big thing you need to learn (being able to hide/show certain things at certain sizes.)

Bootstrap also uses hundreds of "helper classes" which you want to familiarize yourself with, because they save a great deal of time. Adding helper classes through the attributes Panel is about 30% of building websites in BSS IMO. The official Bootstrap Website is mandatory reading. And you definitely need to learn how to write CSS, and not use "inline CSS rules." That's a big no-no in terms of best practices.

Wix is garbage. Plain and simple. It's for people who want to make online brochures. Their websites are not truly responsive, they use a proprietary system with javascript to populate the pages. Their code is abysmally bad. Their sites are the slowest loading things on the internet. Any person who is serious about a website, who owns a business, or every intends on getting decent traffic to their site should stay FAR, FAR away from Wix. On top of it all, if you DO build a website in Wix, you never actually own it. You just rent it. You can't export the code, or even copy the site or save the pages. They've created an entirely closed system, so if you leave Wix, you lose your website. And their prices aren't cheap for decent features. (over $20 a month! for one website!)

I think Wix is the worst thing to every happen to the internet since Flash.

Thanks for your help ill see if I can figure out how to change the responsiveness settings. I agree with your prospective on Wix they add a bunch of junk in their code, which makes it un usable for modifying your code when not in their builder.

Just as an added FYI, there's a very darkly colored tab setup in the BSS app when you first load it up, before opening a project. If you look closely (they seriously need to make this more visible lol) you'll see 2 words at the top and one of them grayed out is "Tutorials". Click that and the links to all the tutorials available on the website will be right at your fingertips within the app. This includes both text and video tutorials. Easier to get to them that way than navigating through the listing on the website in my opinion.

Hope that helps. :)

P.S. As @Printninja said this app is nothing like InDesign or Wix and most definitely nothing like Wix. The process is similar, but the makeup of what makes those components is completely different and most definitely cleaner code by far. And yes, it may seem at first like it should be a full drag and drop editor, but as you have already been told, you "will" need to learn HTML and CSS to really structure and style your site as your own unless you want it to look all out of the box and nothing more, and even then you still have to do some things in CSS. Bootstrap is another thing very important to have a grasp of, and not too difficult to learn about either really, it helps put a lot of the HTML and CSS into perspective for me even. Good Luck!

I know its nothing like indesign or WIX. In my opinion this is in between them.

I know its nothing like indesign or WIX. In my opinion this is in between them.

Yeah... ahhh.... No.

Use BSS for a few months. You'll see it's really nothing like either of those programs (and I've used both Wix and InDesign since they were first created)