Has anyone used BS with the Photoswipe image gallery library?

I'm new to BS, and haven't used Photoswipe, and am a novice web developer in general. I need to create an image gallery page that allows for significant zooming of fairly large images. I would be really thankful for any help on this: is this a reasonable "stack" to start with? Is there a better way to approach it? Thanks!

I did a quick test with photoswipe, and it looks you can use it inside BSS, like most other js libraries.

Usually, I prefer linking to cdnjs hosted files, so I located this: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/photoswipe then following photoswipe tutorial http://photoswipe.com/documentation/getting-started.html I linked to external CSS and JS in BSS design pane. Last created a user.js to initialize and set preferences. That's it. Now you can use it inside your design.

You will do the same (link external css and js, initialize and then add .classes to your design) for many libraries like AOS, cookieconsent, smooth-scrool, jarallax . Maybe start learning with those that simpler than photoswipe is a good idea.

Thank you Marrco. I will start experimenting. I appreciate you walking me through your process. Keith