Have the Image's "img-fluid" or "Responsive" setting turned on by default

I don't know about everyone else, but I hardly ever have an image that doesn't have or need that setting turned on in order for it to scale correctly.

Now, in my defense, I am not super great with Flex yet so if there are ways around this using flex it would be great, but again it would also be great if it were turned "ON" by default if it's something that is replacing the typical responsive setting of "img-fluid".

Anyways, just a thought since I have to always turn it on in 99.9% of any images I add. I'd rather turn it "OFF" on the few that ever need it. :)

I would have to disagree as I don’t have an issue with how images are managed by default and don’t see the need to change it.

If you want to have all your images responsive why not set a parent class in your css for each design that makes all your images have a width of 100% then the responsive toggle is redundant right

No that wouldn't be a good thing, not "every" image needs it, but most of them have needed it. How are you not having to use that setting on your images?

I agree that it's a rare instance where I don't need an image to be responsive, but I guess the reason the class is not added by default is the same reason other classes aren't added by default. They want everything to be in a "classless" state by default, which kind of makes sense from a "best practices" point of view.