Hello! My first forum post ever

I recently purchased the lifetime version of BootstrapStudio, and I am very happy with the first experiences I have with it. If I could put my two cents, I have a couple of things to to express. First, maybe add a forum topic for people who are just starting out in the app so they can introduce themselves! Maybe speak on their backgrounds, who they are and how the intend to use the app. In a few years, moderators could use this information to track and get metrics on how the community is growing and the types of progress people have made in the app.

As a new user - here is my impression thus far: excellent videos and tutorials. Following along is a bit hard to do, but if you watch the videos, it shows pretty clearly how things work and gives an indication of what you can do with it.

Welcome, thank you for your observations, and enjoy your journey using to use Bootstrap Studio.

That being said, this Forum category is for posts by people needing help with using the program.

There currently is no category for “introductions,” but if you would like to see one added, there is a category called “Site Feedback” which is specifically for suggestions pertaining to changes, additions or improvements to the Bootstrap Studio Forum.

There is also a category for “Ideas”, which is for suggestions on ways to improve the program.

Finally, there is a category called “Showcase” where you can show your websites, and things you’ve created with Bootstrap Studio.

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Thank you very much! Next time I will do better at placing posts where they belong…