Help adding a register and login to my website hosted with bss

okay so i see that there are login and register templates but they do nothing unless you have a database is there anyway to host a database for free?


Full answer: The included templates are only there to inspire the creation of such features. That’s why things like “Login here” and “Members Area” do not work. This software only creates front-end websites. Anything that involves building and connecting a database must be built separately by the user with either a third-party CMS, or by coding with a backend language like PHP. If you do not know how to do this, your best bet would probably be to install Wordpress in a subfolder on your website, and then style the Wordpress page to look like the rest of your website. This is a pretty common work-around. There are also some flat-file CMS solutions out there that don’t require the use of a database, but I have no experience with them.

(PS - if all you’re trying to do is create a password protected area of your website that, that can be accomplished pretty easily, without a database. I’ve used this little program for years for simple password protected pages GateKeeper - Javascript Password Protection
Of course, it all depends on how robust your security needs are. I wouldn’t use this for anything super important like an e-commerce site. But it’s fine for simple websites in which people want private areas.)

You can do that easily in your cPanel. Don’t need any software to password protect pages.

@jo-r Was that answer for me, or the OP? The OP was looking for a free database solution (not even sure if what I recommended was what he wanted, but it is free.)

For my own sites, I do sometimes password protect pages on the server side. It all depends on the client, the site, what it’s for, etc.

Sometimes I even do super simple password protects on martial art websites that anyone with some website experience could easily discover just by looking at the page source and finding the password sitting right out in the open in plain text.

I do these for clients who think they’re protecting encrypted military secrets, when all they really want is to make their students feel “special” because they’ve been given the secret code to access the “super secret page.” I have a simple PHP script that I’ve reused dozens of times.

99.99% of their clients would never even have a clue what to look for, if they even knew how to display the page’s source code. I didn’t even learn until just as I wrote this how to view a web page’s source on a mobile device. I had to look it up :joy:

For you @printninja since you were talking about software to do it. I used to use software for this myself as well till they added that ability into cPanel’s setup. Much simpler for me now. :slight_smile:


Have a look here Josh

for doing that theres a cpanel for websites? if so where

Yeah, unless you’re only building a simple website for yourself, if you have any aspirations towards serious web development, you definitely want to get some hosting for yourself (whether paid or free.) I personally use Hostgator, and have been pretty happy with them for the last 11 years. I think the package I have is about $17 a month, but you can get stuff for as low as $3-$4 a month, or even free (as @kuligaposten) noted (though I’d definitely be sure to read the fine print on any service offering free hosting, as few truly free things in life don’t come with some deeply buried caveat somewhere.)

If you’re speaking of the BootStrap Studio Sites feature then no you don’t have many options aside from what’s available within the app. At least to my understanding of that feature. Its fairly limited and not really all encompassing like typical hosting solutions.

i would use a better hosting but i cant afford it right now so i stick to this cause it works

Take a look at the link @kuligaposten provided. There are free hosting options out there that offer more powerful features (like C Panel) for people with zero budgets.