Help Centering and Moving around elements.

Greetings, I am new to this but have watched the tutorials and looked up some things for this and couldn't find anything.

enter image description here

Say I have this div which looks centered on the page. I had to manually align it by messing with the width and messing with margins. I know this isn't right so how do I move stuff like this? enter image description here


I think you really should get some knowledge of web design under your belt before you attempt this. This is a fairly basic thing to do and if you don't have at least the basic knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5 as well as a fundamental understanding of Bootstrap Framework you will end up with more problems later on. You can find lots of tutorials and classes online for cheap and free by doing a google search for them. Udemy is one of the better places I've dealt with for these, but you can get some good tutorials at w3schools as well.

I know html and css. I'm just trying to figure out how to work with this software without using the code. The tutorials show part of it but don't show some.

MitchR, I've noticed people tend to respond by providing more helpful help -- detailed feedback on issues -- when you've demonstrated specific steps you've taken in addressing an issue. Could you do this -- saying what steps in html/css you've taken, what difficulties you have in entering those in BSS, and maybe even a link to your design file?

To center a div using old style positioning you would set a width on your div and then your margin would be margin:0 auto;

With Bootstrap Studio, this is a rather pointless way to work with layouts when Bootstrap already has layout tools built into it that can do all this stuff using containers, rows, columns and modern flexbox for positioning. There's rarely a need to manual position divs in Bootstrap unless you are creating some sort of custom container that can't easily be done with the Bootstrap layout tools.