Help, How to Add Google Reviews on BSS Site

I recently rebuilt a WP site for a client and he asked me to include Google reviews on the site, I was able to do so using a plugin.
I looked for ways to do the same using BSS, HTML files, but I was not successful in my Google searches.
This is the site I made, you can see an example of what I’m looking for,
If anyone knows whether or not it is possible to do the same with BSS, HTML, I would appreciate the information.
I will attach some screenshots for demonstration.

There’s nothing pre-made in BSS that will auto-populate reviews from Google in this fashion.

A quick Google search reveals a number of services that offer widgets that allow you to embed Google Reviews, but they all cost money.

In my opinion, unless your client wants every single new Google review added to their website in real-time, I would simply create a component that looks like what’s shown in your image, and then copy the review content from Google manually. I’ve created a few review pages for client’s websites that show reviews in this manner. Here are a couple of examples…

I’ve added the one that is made from the Bootstrap carousel to the online component library. Just search for “Ultimate Testimonial Slider”

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