"HELP" How to Build a Filtering Component in Pure CSS

Could someone help me, implementing this process in a bss project and share it so I can add it to my website please. I only need that, since I don’t know how to add a search engine, but I found this filter that would also help me, please, it’s urgent, who can help me?

As far as i remember @richards or another person did post a css filtering some months ago on this forum. If u ll explain in details snd ll provide me the bss design file or sum i could try to make a filtering in js for u if u don’t mind snd would be interested in👍

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Hello friend, I want a filter just like the one above. And if you can send me the BSS file for me then I can implement it in my project my friend.

I’m confused. The site you list gives you all the code you need to build it. If you’re looking to hire someone to do this for you then it makes sense, but to come here and expect people to do this for you for free is a bit disrespectful. We are mostly people that do websites for a living so you should ask to hire someone, not ask them to do it without compensation.

Some will do it for you anyways and that’s their choice to make.

  1. First and foremost I have not offended anyone
  2. You are the one who comes to comment in a wrong way on a thread that I created to help me. To pay I PAY IT.
  3. Before giving your opinion, try not to attack, because nobody is demanding anything.

It is because of subjects like you that the community does not grow and if it were up to you, this community would already be gone. I hope to get you banned for toxic.



@migoel585 If you search the online components, Shahriyarbdru has kindly created something similar that may be what your after. Search for “Animated Filterable Gallery”.

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@jo-r comments like that make me want to give up learning to code sites if your on this forum in hopes to snag compensation you are in the worng place this is not a job market place

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@kcjo2264 I have been on this forum for almost 5 years. Trust me when I see those that “are” looking to have everyone do the work for them over and over and over.

This is not the forum to come asking for people to do your work for you either (well not you personally), it’s a place to get help with BSS and “help” with your issues with components and sites etc. and where you can seek to hire someone should you want to.

The forum has search capacity, however imperfect it is, and way too many people come in here and just start asking for people to make things for them, do things for them and have never bothered to read the docs or search the forums. It gets very old after so many years of doing it, so if I come off a bit frustrated at times, that’s why. I’m in no way here to look for work, I have plenty to keep me busy.

You’ll also find that I’m not the only one tired of it.


yeah I get that well lets just start sending them to upwork or fiverr lol :joy:


Ye, it does frustrate and annoys me as heck aswell thats why i sound so aggressive here so often lol, like ppl cant even bother themselves to check the docs, sometimes i feel bad for Martin etc cause theyve spend so much time for the docs and most of user dont even use it, u literally have to force them to do that. Ive been here for 3.5 years so i feel ya, i literally started as a noob at front end, couldn’t code at all, and nowdays im capable of alot comparing to back then, but ive never ever been an asshole to ask others to literally do something for me especially for free else i never asked for help here.

It’s just annoying, ppl are lazy af

I do not give my opinion or create more threads, because every time I say something he comes out to say some things in a rude way, I chose to search outside the forum or write privately because comments like his discourage me.

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@migoel585 I know what you mean, he did the same lately to me too xd.

If you will need any help you can message me in dm’s I won’t yell at you.

This forum category, I feel, is geared more towards helping new BSS users figure out how to use the software to design their website, not to build their website for them, or create custom features that are not native to the BSS program.

Unfortunately, many new users see the category “Webdesign Help” as akin to something like stackoverflow.com (which, IMO, is the place to go when you need free help with coding, or need to do something that is outside the scope of the Bootstrap Studio software.)

I rarely run into a problem for which I cannot find a solution on Stackoverflow. The site has many thousands of web developers/coders, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) who will happily solve your problem for you by posting code, or creating a jsfiddle.

I consider such people to be saints, because they generously share what undoubtedly amounts to years of learning/knowledge, and will often do for free what I know would take me an hour (or many hours) to figure out (thinking of you @kuligaposten :heart:)

Many questions I’ve seen posted here are simple to answer/explain/demonstrate with a quick response - a few lines of CSS, a screenshot, or step-by-step write up (ex, go to this panel, click this item, change this setting, etc…) I will often often do stuff like this, especially if it only takes 5 or 10 minutes.

But then there are (many) people who will post the link to a website template on, say, Envato, with a full screen background video, animated elements, dozens of customized buttons and graphics, etc… and write, “I’m trying to build a website that looks like this in Bootstrap Studio. Can someone please tell me how do this?”


At those moments, those of us who build websites for a living are thinking, “seriously? This is like 10-20 hours of work, you clearly have no web development skills, and you want someone to just do this for you for free?”

Hence the short/snippy responses you occasionally see.

I’m not trying to justify rudeness, but you wouldn’t pull your car into a repair shop, walk up to the counter and say, “hey, my car needs a new alternator. I bought the part. Can you send one of your mechanics out to show me how to install it?”