Help. How to establish html Admin Panel (Dashboard) to general site?

I am self-taught and for the first time I created the site, thanks to the Bootstrap Studio. Really it is a great thing! But unfortunately, there are few obvious examples on your site, and there is not a single example with a video about admin panels. I found a video on the Internet about how to create an admin panel. I made it in the Bootstrap Studio. It turned out very well even though, I had to remake something, because the example was done not in Bootstrap Studio but in Bootstrap3. But this video does not show how to write this Admin Panel into the site. This is my problem: I do not know how to connect my site and admin panel (Dashboard). Even if I take a ready template, I still do not know how to write it into my site and how to configure both of them so that each Admin panel's function would fit into the desired place in the site? For example,how the pages created in the admin panel will appear on my site in the right place...etc? Should I enter the html and css of the AdminPanel in the code of my site? If yes, then how should I do this, in which place of the site, which way? And how to make the panel to be visible only to the site administrator, but not to all visitors to the site on the Internet? I also do not understand about the entrance to the admin panel. There is an input panel (Login Form), but how can I configure it so that it understands that it is my login and password that is the key to logging in? Perhaps there is a free literature or video on this topic, please tell me where to look. Please help me. Thanks

Hello Tanya, Are talking about more like a Wordpress Admin Panel? Wordpress is a CMS. BSS is just a front-end builder without back-end (a server side).

Thank you

Hello Tanya,

Bootstrap Studio allows you to create only static website (HTML/CSS/JS). If you want to go further in the web developpement, you should learn a server side language. Checking credentials is done with PHP, Node.js or other. Choose one, learn it and voilà :) You'll be able to make your own admin panel ! But be careful with the security !

Thanks for the answers and for the advice.

It's a pity that I wasted my time creating the Admin Panel in the Bootstrap Studio. But I was so happy that I would finally finish my first real site. It turns out that I was in vain rejoiced because i am still far from the finish and have to learn more.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!


I use Bootstrap studio to re-design our existing administrative systems - To make sure that everything properly layouted. But yes, I still need backend (.NET or PHP) to maintain the data and access.

I also use Bootstrap Studio to re-design and publish my own personal website, I need no other backend than Bootstrap Studio - Because I do not handle data or have several users.

Good luck on your search, Michael

As Ruprect says, you haven't wasted your time. Backend laguage are used to process information, you'll need what you've done so far. You're maybe far from the result, but what you've done will be useful don't worry :)

Many thanks for your friendly attitude, nice people! :) Just I never had a site, and I do not know if it's possible to change something in my own site after I have located it on hosting, without having an admin panel? If this is possible, then I will not bother with this matter now. My site is an ordinary business card site of a small company, without any sales and payment systems, but with many pages and I would like to add content there periodically. This is only why I wanted to create an admin panel.

@Tanya From what I can understand, after you described your page - You have no need for an admin nor login page.

Make your page in Bootstrap Studio (BSS) - And publish it to your host via FTP, if you need to change elements, layout or text - Just start BSS again, and make your changes and publish again using FTP, overwriting existing files - BSS will be your admin interface.

But please be aware, as written before, that it is only static pages you make with BSS - So if you require additional functions such as submitting email formulars, you need some backend to capture your form fields - and submit it to a mailserver.

But if your need is a simple business page - It can be done.

And if you need a contact form - It can be done with Google Forms, that send you the details - And that can be placed on your page as an embed.

To complete Ruprect's anwser, if you don't want to upload your files each time, you'll need to use a backend. Most hosting provider uses PHP as backend language and MySQL as database manager. These are really common and finding tutorials is easy.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask :)

Here is a very quick google form - Implemented on a BSS page and uploaded:

Above link will expire in 1 week

Oh nice one Ruprect, I never thought of using Google Form :o You could post it in the "Tips & Ticks" thread, I'm sure someone will find this useful !

Good idea @Alexandre - I'll make a prettier version and publish it as a tip later.

Thank you, Mr. Ruprect. :) You helped me a lot. Now at least I understand that I can start without backend. Maybe later I will learn more and make my site more properly, but now ican start from what i already have in my hands. At my age it's hard to learn such difficult things as web development. Three years ago, I had no idea what site is, and terms like html, css, js...etc led me to a panic. It took me three years to create a website. Of course, it is not perfect, but it looks pretty decent. I learned everything myself, thanks to the Internet. But there are some questions that are difficult to find answers. Most of the source of information tell only about the main things, but do not tell about some things, thinking that this should be clear to everyone, and if it is not clear, then do not do it at all. But after all, everyone did not know everything from the very beginning, just need little more information. So, good that there are such correct person like you who can tell about any things in easy way. Your explanation was very useful to me. I wish you good luck in everything! P.S. Sorry for my poor English

Thank you very much Alexandre! I'm lucky today for good people. :) Of course I want to learn to do everything from beginning to end and I will be very happy with any help. I tried to find at least one video in internet on how to create a full-featured control panel for the site, how to connect it to the site for a correct work... a site where they would tell step by step how to do it. If there was something like that, I would quickly learn. There are a lot of good even free lessons to create sites, but there are no lessons for the creation of its completion. Maybe I just did not find it. Maybe you will advise where I can learn? I would be very grateful for the help.

Тhanks for link. I will use it certainly. It is a very useful thing :)

Few days ago I was wondering if I should start a YouTube Channel to make video about the development by explaining technical words using simple sentences. Maybe I'll do that.

But I'm french, so doing a full video in English would be really hard for me. I'll maybe do it in French and put English subtitles to it. :)

I hope I'll help many people like you, who want to learn development by themselves.

For now, I don't have link. I have only french tutorial sorry

Hi Alexandre! If you will do this, I would be glad to be your regular student. Good luck to you!