Help new to BSS


I am new to BSS and was wondering if I can build a full website with this. I am new to Website design and want to learn and build a fully functional website that i can publish on the internet. Also, once i am familiar with web design using BSS can i build website for customers as compare to building website from scratch by writing the script. Im just curious the power and function of this software.

Thank you

Yes, you can, BSS is a tool that helps you. But if you don't know the basics your results will be really limited.

Marco thanks for your reply. I want to build a fully Responsive website and when I came across BSS I went ahead and paid for the lifetime. While I do understand you need to learn the basic HTML CSS and also learn JavaScript for Frontend Webdev and I’m sure there is a few other language that you can learn there is also some backend to learn also. I feel there is a lot to learn or choose from. I just want to build responsive website in a short time for personal use.

Will Bootstrap give me the ability to do 100% responsive web such as for blog, Eccomerce and many more are is it limited?

Yes you can build those types of sites, but, you will need a lot of knowledge or help to do things like functional blogs (unless it's just an HTML article setup which is pretty simple) and e-commerce. You'll need to realize that in order to do something with a full system e-commerce you'll need other languages like PHP that are not supported "within" BSS and you'll need to add that stuff after you export and then will have to update your site manually outside of BSS as there's no "practical" importability setup for importing HTML pages, and as mentioned, PHP isn't supported so it cannot be imported. You can use Custom Code blocks to add PHP and some other languages.

Keep in mind, this is only if you're trying to "build" a full blown shopping cart system yourself. I'm currently doing a site for an Alabama Winery that wants to sell online. They don't have even a hundred products so we're opting to just do it the PayPal way and set up buttons for them. This can all be done right within BSS without needing anything outside of the app. That would then keep you able to do your edits within the app after it's been completed and live, making your editing simpler too then.

If you have a cPanel to use on the server that the site will go on, there are usually lots of preinstalled apps and you'll find lots of full blown e-commerce systems there that you can integrate into your site with links. That would be easily done and wouldn't make you have to edit the site outside of the app forever after export. You would do the shop stuff via the shop app (usually an online system to log into and update products etc.) and use BSS to do the main site itself. Works pretty well this way too.

Blogs can be done as well, it just depends on how you want it. If you want a full blogging system you would probably be better off creating a blog within Wordpress and embedding that within a website page which can also be done easily within the BSS app and the only thing you have there would be logging into the Wordpress site for updating and adding new blog articles and then they would show up on the page automatically. Takes some finagling and work arounds, but it's doable for sure.

All really depends on the scale of functionality you're after.