[HELP] newbie question

first of all i just wanna say that i really really love bootstrap studio when the first time i used it… i have 0 experience in web development but still managed to create a website! but now i want to advance forward to learn new thing n there is some doubt that i hope can be cleared by all the seniors in the forum…

right now im able to create static webpages if i want to create clickable icon(such as instagram facebook n twitter ) how am i suppose to do it? as bss have embedded social but it is very big …

and if i want to create a forum or a store whereby the user can login n signup how am i gonna save all the data?

i also hope u guys can recommend me websites or youtube channel for me to learn all this as im quite lost and dont know where to start…

thank you for spending ur time to read n reply it !!!

I have no idea what you meanby clickable icon, but you can achieve that with just simple javascript or jqueary. For logging in etc you will need bsckend services and storing the keys etc would be problematic a lil bit.

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If you look up Kevin Powell on Youtube and subscribe to his channel, you’ll find a lot of tutorials for learning HTML and CSS which is where you really should start. HTML will get you what you need for learning how to structure your website and CSS will get you what you need to style the components and position them how you want them. Very highly recommend you start there and come back here after you have a little more knowledge about them both and we can then help with how to do those things within the app. :slight_smile:

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thank u!!! so much for the recommendation i will look it up!


Creating a clickable icon is simple…

Drag and drop a Link <a> component on to your page.

Drag an Icon component into the link (the default icon is a star.)

Double the text that says “Link” and delete the letters until all you’re left with is the star icon. Now you will have a “clickable” icon that can do something.

From within BSS, you can double click the star icon and change it to any of the thousands of available icons in any of the various icon libraries built into BSS (for example, an envelope :email: or a telephone :telephone_receiver: or a social media logo like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

From the Options panel, you can assign a URL or behavior to the link.