Help please Problem exporting my work

help me please i just finished working my sisters website design and when I export it says that "couldn't Export" please choose a different folder.. I made a folder in my desktop and I try different location and make a new folder but still cant export my work.. Please anyone can help about this issue?

anyone can help?

Hi, not had that problem myself but what I suggest for you to do is email the Devs direct and ask them to take a look, as it will be quicker than getting a response here ?

I've had this happen a couple times when I changed the name of my export folder and didn't update the export location in BSS.

Check your export location in BSS setting and make sure it's set to the exact location correctly. Just go in and do the folder again, don't type it, navigate to it using the setup it gives you to do so and see if maybe there was a typo or a name change type of issue. If not, definitely contact the devs.

thank you for helping sir but the problem is still their.. can i send to you may BSdesign and then try to export it?

I'm a ma'am lol.

You will need to contact support like we both said if it is still not working.

Use the Web Debugger, upon Export it will trigger an exception which is viewable from the Console. It is likely illegal characters in your file names or permissions issues, as they both halt the export process.

When you import pics they sometimes are named the entire absolute path as filename instead of just the file name. Happy Hunting! Post your Debugger output!

Any clue as to how to get more details for this error?

I am currently on MAC OS Mojave 10.14.5 with BSS 4.5.2 and export functionality is coming up with this same error.

My export path hasnt changed, my export settings havent changed. Where can I get the error logs?

Please restart Bootstrap Studio. I just opened it myself and there is another update 4.5.3 which addresses this issue I believe.

Ya, sure does! works again, like a charm!