help! position: sticky red with a strike through

I'm newer to making websites and just started using Bootstrap Studio. My website i started making before Bootstrap Studio had a div that fixed top on scroll and i used position: sticky. Now i tried to do the same in Bootstrap Studio and position: sticky is red with a strike through. Is it not supported or is there another way to go about it? Sorry if not clear like i said i'm never to this =)

While some browsers will work with it in either prefixed or standard format, it's still not ready for implementation in other words it's still in draft and not final.

This is probably why the BSS app displays it as not valid so it's red and stricken through. This doesn't mean though that what the BSS app says the browsers follow, if the browser supports it, it will be applied regardless of what the BSS app says.


Ok cool i get it. thank you very much!