Help when editing external HTML

I’m encountering difficulties while trying to edit an external HTML file, and I’m not sure what the problem is. One of the issues I’m facing is that the preloader seems to be stuck in the editing preview, and removing it alters the website. Additionally, when I make any changes to the file, some features such as dark/light mode stop working. I have added all the necessary extensions and files, but it seems that there might be an additional step required to properly edit an external HTML file. Can you suggest any solutions or steps that I might be missing?

The link to the product is: Duo - PWA Mobile Kit by Enabled | ThemeForest

try finding the preloader in the overview tab, right click on it and select hide, this will let you edit your site, then do the same, but select show once you have finished editing.

Looking at the html, you could also add a class of preloader-hide to the preloader while you are working on it.

With the features stopping working, its worth looking in the browser devtools console tab to see if it is showing any errors, then work from there.

You might also run into issues as the theme is using bootstrap 5.1.3 where bss uses 5.2, so you might have to make some modifications

I find that if I copy and paste link the div that contains preloader to all the pages, I can then delete the other static div, and then on the paste linked div create a toggle button using the Custom Options that will add or remove the class the preloader is using to toggle preload class. I just have to remember to toggle the preloader class off when exporting but I can do that from any page now.

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