help with a dashboard

Greetings, I purchased Bootstrap-Studio and wanted to create a dashboard for practice puprose. One big thing is very unclear for me and I hope to get some tips here.

The practise-project is a hobby-project:

  1. > Getting the weather via API (JSON) automatically from openWeather with a C# .Net-application, I wrote on my own server (done).
  2. > "Parsing" relevant parts of the JSON automatically in a postgreSQL-Database on my Server (done).
  3. > Visualize the weather-data and the following calibration (to do) via a dashboard (problem).
  4. > "calibrate" the rough weather-data with series of measurements via RasperryPi and DHT22 from my garden (to do).

Point 3 is my reason, why I wrote. I can't figure out how to "feed" a dashboard with data automatically. The milestones I posted can be done with my hobby-skills (SQL, C# .NET, ...), but I have no skills in the "world-wide-web"-programming like Javascript, php, ...) And I think this is the problem. I have a feeling, that the dashboard is just kind of "front end", like in this picture: enter image description here. So my question is: How is the "machine" in the "back end" called, which insert the data from a database in a dashboard, if a user loads the dashboard?

You are correct that this dashboard template is only a "front end" website.

Bootstrap Studio only builds front end (aka static) websites. Dynamic websites are those which integrate with a database (eg. mySQL) on the server (back end), and use a server-side language like PHP to communicate the data between the database and the front end.

Goerf, you said you' re "new" and want to learn. But you've given no indication as to what you're new at -- surely not new to forums. It's doubtful you'd have your advanced knowledge in some areas without any experience in forums. As such, you've given no indication as to how "successful" your searching the forums has been for you -- what have you found in relation to connecting to PHP / MySQL / databases etc?

When phrased in those terms you'll see your question is not unique. Indeed, you'll come up with the same answer as what Printninja has so politely given this time, again.

That is not to say that "under no circumstances can Bootstrap be used to build a front-end for such an application!" (see, for example, here, or here). Just that, it's a little bit irritating to say the equivalent of "I'm interested in learning about Physics, what can you teach me about how String Theory explains some everyday experiences?" There's a reason for learning Newton's Laws before moving on from there -- you're more likely to learn more effectively, and more quickly, if you learn how to make use of some "basic tools" before you build an ornate palace.

The existing tutorials provide some very good "practice purposes". Might be best to start there, methinks.

Thanks for your help, I think it will help.

I started a covid project using that dashboard template . The graphs get filled live via some APIs. also one from a openWeather API. It looks like this exemple Is it something like that example you are asking for how to make.


That was pretty cool stuff. Any chance you would share a simple project file with a simple chart hooked up to openWeather so I can learn how to do that ?


Here is a simple project file a weather example

change the appId in utils.js to your ID and have fun


Thank you, I just downloaded the project. Way cool stuff !

for preview

line 172<br /> $("#loadingMessage").html('');

line 180<br /> var url = '/'[0].icon + '.png';

line 228<br /> var url = '/'+result.daily[i].weather[0].icon + '.png';

before you export change it to<br /> line 172<br /> $("#loadingMessage").html('');

line 180<br /> var url = 'assets/img/'[0].icon + '.png';

line 228<br /> var url = 'assets/img/'+result.daily[i].weather[0].icon + '.png';