Help with business API

Hi, I'd like some help using the company API (

I do not even know where to begin with.

Could anyone take a step-by-step how to use the company API (, please.

Here is the link for more information about this API

Thanks if anyone can help me by setting an example.

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Hello Jo,

Are you saying I'm spanner?

Is that what you're saying?

If yes I am not spanner.

I'm wanting some help.

To use the ( API.

Can someone help me please.

The collapsed code is an example that I need to include in a page.

I would like to list the products.

Does anyone know how I can list the products, please.

<script src = ""> </ script>


script> var url = ''; url + = '& queries = [{"mpn": "SN74S74N"}]'; url + = '& apikey = REPLACE_ME'; url + = '& callback =?';

$ .getJSON (url, args, function (response) {
    var queries = response ['request'] ['queries'];
    $ .each (queries, function (i, query) {
        // print query
        console.log (query);

        // print corresponding result
        console.log (response ['results'] [i]);

</ script>

Sorry but this site is for questions and help related to the Bootstrap Studio program. You'd do better if you were to ask that type of questions at say


My mistake on thinking you were a spammer sorry for that, but it looked strange to me.

Either way, as Saj said you're looking in the wrong place for support. You want support for Octopart, then you need to go to their site and request support rather than here.

Both are not getting what I want.

I am asking HELP to include an API in bootstrapstudio. Why can not I do this in bootstrapstudio.

Create a account at and then get your assigned apikey. Insert it into the test script below where is says REPLACE ME

code `<script src=""></script> <script src=""></script></p>

var url = ‘’;
url += ‘?apikey=REPLACE_ME’;
url += ‘&callback=?’;

var queries = [
    {'mpn': 'SN74LS245N'},
    {'mpn': '08055C104KAT2A'}

var args = {
    queries: JSON.stringify(queries)

$.getJSON(url, args, function(response) {
    $.each(response, function(i, data) {



Create a new js file and paste code or import one you have created and saved with the script code already in it. Preview in a browser and then open console log. There you will see the data returned for the test..... From there on....not my wheelhouse. Good Luck !!forum/octopart-api

I have been looking into this further just for my own interest. This article shows the process of handling API data to display in a html structure using jquery. Good stuff !

Hello Twinstream,

Thank you for your help.

Many thanks, thank you.

I'm having a hard time reading the data generated in JSON with jQuery. I need help because I can not.