Help with embed a photo gallery from flickr

I am trying to find a way to best do a large image gallery. I have just created a flickr account and have a public album and photostream that flickr gives you a embed for but I cant seem to make it work using the responsive embed. I am not proficient at all and have been muddling along but could use some help on this one.

Here is what I get from flickr (I had to drop some< in order to post here because it just works here lol, now I am just going to try as code…):

a data-flickr-embed=“true” href=“” title="">img src=“” width=“800” height=“600” alt="">script async src="//" charset=“utf-8”>/script>

With nanogallery2 you can do something like this,
click the photo to see the your great catch of the fishes

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yes that is perfect lol, can you give me some direction on how to do that? thxs!!!

-update, i see the builder, going to try that thxs and then figure out how to add into my site

-update, this tip was perfect and took a bit to figure out for me but got there thxs!!!

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There is a Lightbox setup already in the default BSS app under UI > Media. Why reinvent the wheel if it’s already in there? Just download your photos from Flicker and put them into your BSS project and give it a shot.

There are advantages to using Nanogallery2. It has dozens of different features that the lightbox included with BSS lacks (ex. swipe support.) The BBS lightbox is also rather tedious to populate. I can build a gallery with hundreds of images a lot faster with Nanogallery2.

I agree Nanogallery2 is very flexible and I can add photos from my flickr app on my phone and it populates the gallery it’s this kind of easy management I was looking for I defiantly appreciate the recommendation!


With the flickr api you can include comments to your gallery as well if people comments your photo on flickr. You also get geo data if your camera or phone had a gps activated and have a map to show exact location where you took the photo.
You can also show the title and description you have on flickr when hover a picture or show the exif data of the photo and much more…

Wow that’s a lot of cool stuff that can be done with Flicker and Nanogallery 2. I’ll have to look into it I think. I have been meaning to try this jAlbum for a while as well, but never seem to get around to it lol. Thanks for the descriptions guys!