Help With Script Before Export

Hi lately I noticed each time I export my pages and upload to live server, I loose all my featured images. So I noticed that in BSS, it points to “blog/how-to-fix-pix.webp” but on live server it should be pointing to “/assets/img/blog/how-to-fix-pix.webp”.

Please anyone with a script that can update this for many images after export? Thanks

Add some images of this error and the website link, just with what is written it is difficult to understand and help.

Is it only happening with webp images ? That would indicate a mime issue or even a browser support issue. If your asset folder is in the root directory, either of those links should work. Is export set to absolute links ? Could be a routing problem also if this is a CMS blog.

When you preview in BSS it doesn’t create any folders, so your paths will be as you have stated. When you publish or export it will create the correct paths

If the images path comes from javascript then in the javascript you use /assets/img/blog/how-to-fix-pix.webp and it will work when you preview, publish or export your site

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I see what you mean, so that means I must first upload the image to live server folder?