Hero features adjustments

if you look at this site https://mt0723.bss.design/ how can I make the 2 feature rows not overlap on the top and so there is a space between the image and first row, and also make the hero image shrink at the screen display gets smaller? Thanks

I was messing around with the Developer Console and removed the class “position-relative” and the style “top: -50px” from the main div and replaced it with class mt-5 to add a margin between the image and the content.

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it moved the cards down below the image.

I noticed the cards overlapping in mobile and desktop view, and added to the bottom row class “mt-2 mt-lg-5” this fixed the issue.

thank you so much, i will try it later when I get home. Here is the link to the file if you are inclined to modify that, no worries if not Site.bsdesign - Google Drive

Would you like all of the cards to be in the same row?
So there isn’t a card missing?
It looks like


X - Card
O - Open space

On MD Screen sizes?

yes, or to be honest whatever you think is best. I am a backend dev, and a terrible front end designer. I really appreciate your help. but yes, I think what you said is correct.

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I’ll create a file for both and upload both for you.
I’ll add the links to this post.

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Personally, I think the way the cards are in the original link you sent are fine the way they are; being where the icon position is. Placing it above like that made me think it was a separate component from the card.

However, I can make the cards look near identical to the ones found in this recent link.

But I will attempt to make both for you and you can use either or in your build.

looks good, do you have the binary file I can download? did you make this, I did not see a template like this in the available list.

Here’s the First fix Changed Icon Position & Added Margin
and The Second Changed Icon Position to Above Card & Added Margin

Took me a moment to make sure it was working fine before adding them to Google Drive.

downloaded. those both look great, now I have to decide which is better. I’ll get back to this tonight.

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I’m glad you like both designs!
If you need anymore help, don’t hesitate to ask!

I shared in the online library, search for jeffm

Not going to lie, I noticed you posted that link :sweat_smile:
My bad! But I recreated it too for him to download.

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I would add another item to the cards, mb-lg-5. Something like that.

Another suggestion, instead of using multiple rows with auto column width, I would use a single row with column size targeted by the screen width. that way, at small and medium screen size, we don’t get a row with two columns, but the second row only has one item.

not good

So I will do something like this

See at the options, I set the size for Small and Large.

All the best.